About the Single Board Computer Database


Updated Mar. 17 2021 — HackerBoards.com is pleased to host the Single Board Computer Database (aka “Board-DB”), originated by Raffaele Tranquillini and now maintained and hosted by the DeviceGuru Blog Network. We hope you find this free, maker / hacker / developer community resource useful! Subscribe to our RSS feed for updates to the Board-DB database, follow us on Twitter, and feel free to post comments on the boards in our catalog using the comment form provided at the bottom of each listing.

Board submissions are welcome!

Please help us continue to grow this valuable resource by adding your favorite SBCs and modules ( COMs/SoMs) to our database, via our easy-to-use submission tool. Listing submissions are welcome from SBC enthusiasts of all stripes, including students, hackers, and professional developers, as well as from board manufacturers and distributors.

Other notes…

In case you’d like a complete copy of the current Board-DB database, you can download the continually-updated Board-DB database CSV file from HackerBoards.com, here. (Note: technically speaking, our “CSV” file is actually a “DSV” file, since we have used the vertical bar (“|”) character rather than a comma as the field delimiter.)

HackerBoards.com is part of the DeviceGuru Blog Network, which also hosts the LinuxDevices.com Archive, comprising nearly 15,000 news items and articles that chronicle the first dozen years of the embedded Linux industry.

Thank you!

Thanks for visiting — and contributing to — the Single Board Computer Database here at HackerBoards.com! You can reach us via email at: deviceguru [at] deviceguru [dot] com.