About the Single Board Computer Database


Updated Sep 7, 2020 — HackerBoards.com is pleased to host the Single Board Computer Database (aka “Board-DB”), originated by Raffaele Tranquillini and currently maintained by the DeviceGuru Blog Network. We hope you find this free, maker / hacker / developer community resource useful! Subscribe to our RSS feed for updates to the Board-DB database, follow us on Twitter, and feel free to post comments on boards we catalog.

We invite submissions of board listings from everyone interested in contributing to this free online database and comparison tool. Board listing submissions are welcome from SBC enthusiasts of all stripes, including students, hackers, and professional developers, as well as from board manufacturer reps. Please help us continue to grow this valuable resource by submitting your favorite boards!

New WordPress version

We recently migrated the Single Board Computer Database (and HackerBoards.com) from the database’s initial, fully “home grown” php-based platform to WordPress — making it easier to maintain, and offering some useful new features. The following WordPress components have been valuable to the development and infrastructure of the WordPress version of HackerBoards.com…

  • WordPress (latest version), plus a slightly tweaked version of the standard WP TwentySixteen theme;
  • The incredibly powerful and flexible Pods Framework, which enabled the creation of highly flexible custom post types for several aspects of this site;
  • The powerful and user-friendly Ajax Search Lite plug-in from WP-dreams (try it here);
  • The Smackcoders WP Ultimate CSV Importer WordPress plugin, for importing boards data from the old site into the new site’s Pods-based framework;
  • The weForms submission form builder, which serves as the basis of our board submission function, with which SBC and module makers and hackers can easily submit their favorite boards to our database;
  • And the Redirection plugin, an easy to configure tool for automatically redirecting the prior version of this site’s more than 350 board post URLs (based on meaningless numeric IDs) to the more SEO-friendly board name-based URLs we’re now using.

Two other changes deserve mention…

  • We’ve added comment forms to all board details pages, and encourage board makers and hackers to comment on the boards, suggest corrections, etc.;
  • We haven’t yet reproduced the prior site’s side-by-side “Compare” function, but a similar function is currently under development. (You can try a very preliminary version here.)

P.S. Want a copy of the complete Board-DB database? The current CSV file is available here.

Part of the DeviceGuru Blog Network

HackerBoards.com is part of the DeviceGuru Blog Network, which also hosts the LinuxDevices.com Archive, comprising nearly 15,000 news items and articles that chronicle the first dozen years of the embedded Linux industry.

Thanks for visiting — and contributing to — the Single Board Computer Database here at HackerBoards.com! To contact us, send an email to deviceguru [at] deviceguru [dot] com.