GW6903 is a small SBC based on Cavium’s 800MHz dual-core, 64-bit ARMv8 Octeon TX SoC, and featuring up to 4GB DDR4 and 64GB eMMC, plus I/O including GbE, USB 2.0 and 3.0, 2x mini-PCIe sockets, optional GPS, and -40 to 85 deg. C operation.

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Hardware Specifications (Start Comparison)

Manufacturer Gateworks
SoC Cavium Octeon TX
CPU 2× ARMv8 @ 800Mhz
RAM 4.0 GiB DDR4
eMMC 1× soldered
SD 1× Other format slot bootable
2× host ports
1× 1 Gbps
supports passive and active PoE
Video interfaces
Display I/O -
Audio -
Camera I/O -
Pin Header none / custom
Embedded I/O
Generic Peripherals
Real-Time Clock (RTC)

Physical Aspects

Power Requirements 8.0 – 60.0 V DC
Battery yes
Dimensions 110mm x 35mm x 21mm
Form Factor Unknown
Mounting holes No
Temperature -40.0°C to 85.0°C


Linux Yes
Ubuntu, OpenWRT
Android -
Windows -

Certifications and conformity

(No information available)


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